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Warom Technology Incorporated Company(The former name is WAROM Group Co., Ltd.IPO Company , stock code is 603855, founded in 1987, Zhejiang, and moved to Shanghai in 2006. Now , the company is located in Jiading District of Shanghai, China. The company specializesin manufacturing explosion-proof lighting fixtures, and explosion-proof electrical apparatus for industrial, mining, marine and offshore areas. In addition, the company produces special portable lighting, waterproof and dustproof light fittings and apparatus, elevators, and floor  building material. At present, Warom Technology is currently the executive member unit of China Electrical Apparatus Industrial Association, and the Vice President member Unit of China Explosion-Proof Electrical Apparatus Association. In addition, Warom Technology is the member unit of various professional organizations, including China Ship Association, China Quality Association, and Shanghai Chamber of Import and Export Trade. And the company is a leading enterprise in China's Explosion-proof Electric Appliance Industry.

After over thirty years’ development, the company has founded the explosion-proof manufacturing base in Jiading of Shanghai, China, with land coverage of 190,000 square meters and a building coverage of 160,000 square meters, the registered capital is three hundred and thirty-one million and seventy thousand yuan (RMB 331,070,000.00). The industrialpark established by Warom Technology in Shanghai is the largest explosion-proof electrical apparatus production base in China, and it is also one of the top five largest explosion-proof mass production bases in the world. It facilitates with advanced equipments with the best build-in technical process. Equipped with a series of high precision processing machineries, and achieved automatic and semi-automatic process for the key production techniques, including die-casting, machining, and painting. An A grade laboratory accredited by national authority has been established, with a range of advanced inspection and testing equipments, including Spectrum Analyzer, X-Ray Perspective Instrument, 3D Projector, High and Low Temperature Environmental Simulator, and Salt Fog and Anti Corrosive Equipments.

It has a well structured quality assurance system, and it is managed by international standards, quality guarantee system and international management system. ISO9001 Quality Management System, ISO10012 Measurement Management System, ISO14001 Environmental Management System and OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System certified; and the products have been obtained ATEX and IECEx certificates from internationally renowned laboratories such as PTB of Germany, LCIE of France, Nemko and DNV of Norway, Eurofins of Italy, and other certificates like UL,FM of USA, CU-TR of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, PESO of India, INMETRO of Brazil and TISI of Thailand, etc.

Aiming to create a world brand of Warom. At the present, the technological center of Warom Technology has more than 500 professional talents with specialty across different application science including Electric, Machinery, Automation, Chemical Corrosion, Information Technology, Communication, Mechanical Technics, Foundry, Measurement, and Illumination. Over the years, this team has demonstrated dynamic succession of technology and strong innovative capability. Warom Technology manufactures products that are representing the most advanced level in terms of quality and technical standards in China. The key technical indexes of explosion-proof performance, waterproof performance, and anti-corrosive performance of its exporting products are compliant to international requirements.

The development of technology roots from specialization. Warom has seven specialized R&D departments concentrating in designing, researching and developing different product respectively. The seven R&D departments are Exporting Product Technical Department, Lighting Technical Department, Electrical Apparatus Technical Department, Mining Product Technical Department, Plastic Technical Department, Pipe Fittings Technical Department and Fan Technical Department. The Exporting Product Technical Department is operated directly by the International Division; and it develops industrial explosion-proof products that are compliant to IEC, EN, CU-TR, NEC505, NEC500 standards in accordance to the international market requirements. It adopts various softwares, including CAD Design Software, 3D Simulation Software and Illuminance Calculation Software to consummate the whole designing process and strive for the full satisfaction of customer requirements in product design. Every year, the Exporting Product Technical Department develops 20 new products and launches explosion-proof products that meet the needs of the international market; until now Warom Technology has completed the development and the certification works of over 100 series products for export. The company has acquired intellectual property right of all its products, and has obtained Chinese and international patent certificates. And the Warom trademark has been registered in more than 30 countries and regions.

 Warom’s products have been widely used in various industries including Oil and Gas, Chemical, Aerospace, Coal, Electric Power, Railway, Metallurgy, Marine, Security, Fire Protection, Irrigation, City Planning, Telecom and Diving Rescue. The products are sold to 31 provinces in China and to over 50 countries in the world. The Company has become a reliable supplier and cooperative partner to many renowned petrochemical companies. As one of the two explosion-proof equipment manufacturers in IECEx Mark Committees, Warom has gained strong brand recognition with various awards including “Famous-brand Product”, “Famous Trademark”, “AAA Credit Rating Company”, and “The Credible Enterprise”, etc.

We are devoted to the market development. We have established a massive sales network in China, with over 200 local sales branch offices. Warom has gained strong brand recognition in China; from Aerospace Industry to Military Industry, Oil Exploitation in land and offshore, from Oil Refinery to Fine Chemical, from Heavy Industrial Smelt to Shipbuilding, from Vintage and Winery to Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Warom’s products have been widely used in different industries. For the past 15 years till now, Warom has been the No.1 in terms of sales and production in the explosion-proof industry of China.       

In 2002, Warom started its international endeavor by activating international market research, technological development, and quality positioning. Since then Warom has actively participated in various international professional exhibitions, such as Germany Hannover Messe, ADIPEC in United Arab Emirates, Indonesia Oil & Petrochemical Exhibition, ASEAN Oil & Chemical Exhibition, and Brazil International Oil & Gas Exhibition. In 2005, we have completed the design, production and quality control system for the exporting products; and our products have been exported to various countries and regions, including Germany, Italy, France, Poland, Russia, Kazakhstan, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Israel, South Africa, Pakistan, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Brazil, Chile, and Columbia, etc. What’s more, we have already set up a branch company in Dubai, which is prepared for assembling of products.

We are currently increasing our effort in developing the international market, and have appointed distributors and agents in over 50 countries and regions, including Russia, Spain, Turkey, South Africa, Dubai, Vietnam, Thailand and Brazil, etc. Our next step in marketing is to establish more offices in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, EU, Africa and America, and we sincerely invite all interested parties to join us to create a new world brand.

After thirty years’ exertion, with the guidance of Mr. Hu Zhirong, that the chairman of WAROM, adhere to tenet “Quality Above Everything, Customer Above Everyone”, insisting on people strategy and brands strategy, puts the quality management and the brands establishment on the prominent position. In 1998, WAROM passed ISO9001:1994 International Quality Assurance System Certification; in 2001, ISO9001:2000 updated certification; In 2002 passed EU ATEX and Germany PTB explosion-proof certification ahead other relevant corporations, as well as the explosion-proof certificate for—the explosion proof electrical apparatus issued by more than 300 state test authorities, such as PTB, LCIE, NEMKO, DNV, CCVE, CIG, TISI etc.. Explosion-proof Product Manufacture Licenses issued by State Industrial Product Manufacture License Office is the most among the Explosion-proof enterprise. Product quality measures up to standard in successive eleven years’ selective examination organized by State Bureau of Technical Supervision. 

At present, WAROM’s product takes 1/3 of explosion-proof electric apparatus market of China, basically achieved the "To be the Number One in China Explosion-proof Electric Apparatus Market" the goal, becoming the specified enterprise of Sinopec Corporation and China National Equipment Corporation; the first-level supply member for Petroleum & Natural Gas Group of China; the member enterprise for Petrochemical Equipment Source Market; the Vice director unit of Chinese Electrical Apparatus Industry Association Explosion-proof Apparatus Branch; the state medium corporation certificated by the State Board of Agriculture Bank of China; the member unit of China Electro technical Society. In 2008, WAROM became one of Famous Brand of Shanghai. The production and sales was far ahead the relevant enterprise in successive 14 years. WAROM has become the key enterprise of state explosion-proof electric apparatus industry and the pace-setter of national explosion-proof industry.

Recently, in order to solidify the leading position in explosion-proof industry, on one hand, WAROM perfects the explosion-proof industry chain, on the other hand sets up the professional enterprise such as elevator factory, building material factory and tank bracket factory in Shanghai, Jiangsu, Sichuan and Zhejiang province with good economic benefit, as the new point of economic growth for WAROM. Technology has been in form of distributed management pattern-investment in different industries and different areas globally.

With the development of international economic integration, WAROM catches the opportunity, faces the challenge, absorbs person of ability globally, brings in the most sophisticated craft and equipment, and at the same time improves internationalization. Now WAROM pushes forward to “Be a Famous Explosion-proof Brand in the World”!