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2018 International Industrial Explosion-proof Technical Forum ExTC is holding in Shanghai


Group photo of forum honored guests

From August 29 to 30, 2018, ExTC co-organized by Warom Technology Incorporated Company, was held in Jiading District, Shanghai. This forum is hosted by SITIIAS/NEPSI, is an international event at a time, in the field of international industrial explosion-proof technology, more than representatives and the users nearly 200 people present from 50 manufacturing enterprises, professional technical organizations.



Mr. Li Jiang addressed at opening ceremony

Professor Xu Jianping, chairman of IECEx TAG, Dr. Frank Lienesch, chairman of explosion-proof specialty of UNECE, and Mr. Li Jiang, director of Warom Technology Incorporated Company, attended the forum and delivered a speech at the opening ceremony. Mr. Li welcomed the arrival of experts and scholars in the field of explosion protection at home and abroad, and expressed sincere thanks to the leaders, domestic and foreign testing institutions and industry experts who supported and helped Warom's progress and development. And warmly invite delegates to visit and guide Warom industrial park. In recent years, the Chinese explosion-proof technical standards have been basically aligned with the international IECEx standard and the EU EN standard, and the regional explosion-proof technical standards have basically evolved into a global common standard, which is a remarkable technological progress, he said.


As a member unit of international IECEx explosion-proof mark committee, more as a leading enterprise in China explosion-proof industry, will actively participate in international exchanges and cooperation in the field of industrial explosion-proof technology, spare no effort to the popularization and promotion of frontier explosion-proof technology, contribute to promote the technological progress of explosion-proof industry in our country, promote the national enterprise product innovation and internationalization development.


Technical center general manager Mr. Wang Yade get IECEx certificate

At the meeting, professor Xu Jianping, chairman of IECEx TAG issued certificates to 11 first batch enterprises such as Warom Technology Incorporated Company, which applied for IECEx certificates through SITIIAS/NEPSI. Wang Yade, general manager of our factory's technology center, got the IECEx certificate. SITIIAS general manager Mz. Guo Aihua together with project manager Michael Slowinske of US safety testing laboratory, inaugurated for NEPSI witness laboratory, taking detection and certification as the gripper, to eliminate international trade barriers, provide a test for explosion-proof enterprises in China, the world's major countries market access certification testing engineering services, opening a new chapter of NEPSI - UL in-depth cooperation.


Factory Monitoring Technology Department manager Mr. Zhu Pingqiang delivered speech

This forum is SITIIAS/NEPSI for actively responded to the national appeal "strong and safe science and technology" and "sharing explosion-proof experience, exploring the technology frontier" as the theme, aims to further explosion-proof technology international exchange and cooperation, to help the design and technical personnel, explosion-proof products manufacturers and end users to better understand the latest progress in the international standardization of explosion-proof technology, master industrial explosion-proof technology front, familiar with explosion-proof products global market access system, and through the interactive communication, build a wide range of explosion-proof safety technical cooperation platform, overall enhance the industrial explosion-proof safety technology level.


Zhu Pinqiang, head of the Monitoring Technology Department of our company, delivered a speech with the name “Comprehensive security system solutions for petrochemical enterprises”, sharing advanced explosion-proof new technologies, new products, system solutions and application experiences, which was highly praised by the participants.



WAROM TECHNOLOGY MENA Fzco Starts in the Middle East WAROM’s new prospect in European market

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The documentary of German and Italian customers visiting WAROM

Recently, German Bartec Group Global Procurement Director Mr. Robert Grosch, Italian Bartec Nuova ASP CEO Mr. Fabio Lattanzio and Bartec China Production Director Mr. Bao Ligang visited WAROM and then the two companies agreed to establish a long terms strategy cooperation relationship. 

Before joining Bartec group, Italian explosion-proof electrical equipments supplier Nuova ASP Company already began cooperation relationship with WAROM company in 2008. Mr. Fabio Lattanzio, the CEO of Bartec Nuova ASP company, are old friends of WAROM Oil&Gas Division Chairman Mr. Li Jiang and Overseas Marketing Director Mr. Shen Chenjun for years, they used to meet some times during international exhibitions. Nuova ASP company joining Bartec group brought with more developing opportunities and wider sales network and then a stable and reliable supply chain would be more important to them, so Mr. Fabio Lattanzio invited Mr. Robert Grosch to visit WAROM company specially in order to enhance the two sides depth cooperation. 

In the morning, related leaders of our company earnestly and warmly received the guests. During meeting, the leader of our company said congratulations to Top Group on joining Bartec Group, believe Nuova ASP would get a great progress on the platform of Bartec Group, and hope Bartec Nuova ASP Company and WAROM Company to get more cooperation in the business. As a reliable partner of Bartec and Nuova ASP, even there was competitor wanted to cooperated with WAROM in order to compete with Bartec business but all rejected by WAROM related persons in charge, because both parties believed only the cooperation between WAROM and Bartec could create great value and fruitful future. 

Later the guests visited production workshop and products testing center. It’s the first time Mr. Robert Grosch came WAROM but Mr. Fabio Lattanzio and Mr. Bao Ligang came here times. Every coming, they always could find the new change and development of WAROM. Just entered Die-cast work shop, Mr. Fabio Lattanzio satisfied with site management and environment and said it had been fully in line with the European advanced level of the factory. During visiting assembly workshop, Mr. Fabio Lattanzio was interested in suspension advertising slogans very much and asked Mr. Bao Ligang for every slogan’s meaning. Mr. Robert Grosch was also in attendance to inquire about our current production and operations.

Through this visit, the two sides had a better understanding of each other's development. Not only for Bartec Group and the Italian Top Group cooperation to create a larger platform, but also for Bartec Nuova ASP Company and WAROM cooperation to build a stable and reliable supply chain. Although the cooperation in different ways, but the goal has always maintained a high degree of consistency - are in the future fierce competition in the market to obtain a solid and healthy development. We believe in the near future, both sides will continue to work together to achieve this beautiful goal!

The Chairman of Iranian Anzali Free Trade Zone visits Warom

On August 19, the Chairman of Iranian Anzali Free Trade Zone, Mr. Reza Masrur, senior adviser Sirus Naghavi, accompanied by commercial Counselor of Consulate of Islamic Republic of Iran of Shanghai Mr. ali nejati, visited Warom. The Chairman of Warom, Mr. Hu Zhirongand, Director Mr. Li Jiang gave the guests a warm welcome. The two parties had a commercial discussion in the meeting about the opportunities brought forward by the “One-Belt and One-Road Initiative” and trade cooperation.

This visit is a friendly return visit by the Iranian official after Warom’s Middle East guest technical seminar in Anzali FreeTrade Zone by the end of last year. It is also handkerchief of friendship extended by the Iranian merchants after President Xi Jinping visited Iran and signed " Memorandum of Understanding on Jointly Building Silk Road Economic Belt and 21st-Century Maritime Silk Road" at the beginning of this year. During the meeting, Chairman Mr. Hu Zhirong introduced the scale of Warom, the complete industrial setup, perfect service system, the strategy of globalization development, and leading position in explosion-proof electrical appliances field.

Chairman Mr. Reza Masrur highly affirmed the international competitiveness of Warom and the awareness of Warom brand in Iran. He stated that Iran and China have long maintained friendly and mutually beneficial relationship of international cooperation, Chinese enterprises are also actively investing in various projects in Iran. He hoped that expand areas of cooperation through high-level exchanges between the two sides in the future. Warom will be able to make use of China-Kazakhstan-Iran transportation corridors to reduce the transportation cost, enjoy the preferential policies of tax reduction and currency exchange. The government of Free Zone will also provide Warom with protection and help as much as possible.

In recent years, Warom takes the initiative to "go out" and vigorously promote the internationalization strategy. Iran, not only as an important fulcrum for China to implement The One-Belt and One-Road Initiative, it also is the fortress for Warom to expand the Middle East market. Anzali Free Zone has an of area of 9400 Ha, with various enterprises of oil, industrial, commercial and other fields. The port has an annual capacity of 7 million tons of cargo throughput. Therefore, we set up a platform in the free zone, aiming to build an office of first-class technical service, market service and logistics distribution capacity. Marketing network covers the entire Middle East and Caspian peripheral countries, thus accelerating the pace of opening up overseas markets, and truly achieve the localization of warom’s overseas operations, improve product competitiveness. The Iranian official visit will further promote Warom brand in Iran and the business development of Middle East market. 

Warom attends the Hannvoer Messer for continuous 13 years

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Hannover Messe in Germany opens on 25th April 2016. Warom Technology Incorporated Company, with its newest research and development, the auto-control system solutions, attended this exhibition which is described as the world's industrial bellwether. Warom Technology Incorporated Company first attend Hanover Messe in 2004, at that time Warom is very conspicuous among the numerous foreign brands. During the past 13 years, the steps of internationalization of Warom, to continue the atmospheric style in Hanover Messe, leaving a good impression, but also the elegance of made in China to participate in international competition, and create benchmark image of the explosion-proof electrical system service provider.

It is reported, the messe brought together more than 5200 enterprises from 75 countries and regions, focus on five aspects of the latest achievements of industrial development such as industrial automation, digital factory, energy, industry supplier, research and technology. There are 700 exhibitors from China, Warom is the only one from Explosion proof electric industry, becoming the focus of many media and visitors. Along with Sino-German industrial 4.0 talks, the enterprises of the two countries start to cooperate in this field gradually. From this exhibition, there are a lot of potential of cooperation in the  field of industrial 4.0 between the two countries. “Made in China 2025” also described as the Chinese version of “Industrial 4.0”, the leaders of the two countries pay importance to industrial cooperation between the two countries in the field, so the German industrial 4.0 with made in China 2025 prospects for cooperation has become one of the highlights of the exhibition. At the day of Expo opening ceremony, Sino-German industrial city, officially announced the formation of alliance, will jointly with China’s Foshan and Zhuzhou and Germany Wuppertal and Aachen, represented by the industrial city of the two countries, to promote effective link with each other, and take full advantage of made in Germany and made in China.

To Warom, the messe is not only the platform to show products and technology but also the opportunity to know about the latest industrial trends, and learn and communicate with global leading enterprises. We will take this opportunity to exploit our own advantages, and to promote the integration of information technology and industrial automation in the production model, forming our own core competitiveness, and leading the new trend of industrial develpment.

Warom was granted the “Green Card” for Product Export

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The Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ) granted Warom with “China Export Quality & Safety Demonstration Enterprises”,

“China Export Quality & Safety Demonstration Enterprises” is the highest credit level of commodity quality for export companies, which indicates the development strength and advanced level for Chinese export industries currently and for the future. All the companies involved in the selection, with large scale and in the top list of same industries in China, got through strict evaluation, assessment, and selection. Their products are world famous for advanced technical level, famous trademark and self-owned brand. As the outstanding exporting companies in China, they plays the role of demonstration and guidance. Through strict assessment from Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau (Shanghai Pujiang Branch) and documents review from AQSIQ, all the products from Warom comply with the Standard of Review Condition for China Export Quality & Safety Demonstration Enterprises and meet the requirement for the list. The qualification is awarded as the upgrade for “Free-Inspection for Export”, indicating that the awarded company will enjoy the ten convenient policies including Free-Inspection for import & expor, which will bring easier export environment and more competitive advantage for companies. That means, through this “Green Card”, Warom can further improve the clearance speed, export procedure, and logistics turnover speed for export products. Besides, through creative supervision mode, the resource allocation and operating conformity of quality system will be improved, the supply chain cost will be reduced, and the benefit for export products will be increased. Through this way, further breakthroughs will be realized for sales scale for international marketing.

As the pioneer and pathfinder for Chinese enterprises for explosion-proof electrical apparatus, Warom has always committed to high-quality products that can lead the world and the “Quality-Driven” spirit has been deeply rooted in every person in Warom. Especially during the past decade of international market expansion, our products have reached over 100 countries and districts. Warom trademark has been registered in 59 countries in the world, and the products have qualified for FM/UL for the United States, ATEX for European Union, IECEx for international community, GOST for Russia, and the certificates issue by PTB of Germany and LCIE of France, etc. Meanwhile, Warom boast its own test center, which ensures every product will get through Various strict tests before it delivered to our customers, and the reliability, stability, safety and green and environmental protection of our products have reached the world advanced level. Nowadays, Warom is on the bright way to form international brand and expand global presence through high-quality products, technology and service. The honor of “China Export Quality & Safety Demonstration Enterprises” indicates AQSIQ’s high approval for Warom’s endeavor for continuous improvement and high-quality.

The director of Warom, Mr. Li Jiang, stated that: “The honor for ‘China Export Quality & Safety Demonstration Enterprises’ is a ‘gold medal ’ for product quality of Warom and the approval for quality management for Warom products from AQSIQ. We will continue to give high priority to quality safety and innovation to manufacture more qualified Warom products for the world, to win more respect and trust for Chinese brand, and make outstanding contribution to China Export Quality & Safety Demonstration Enterprises work.

Grinding a sword? for a decade—Warom international business expanding in the Middle-East

On 16th, November, 2016, Warom successfully held the Middle-East technology seminar in Iran which enhanced the brand awareness of Warom explosion-proof products in Middle East market greatly.

Commercial Counselor of the People’s Republic of China Embassy in Iran, Oil Company, Natural Gas Company, Petrochemical Company, Petrochemical Products Distribution Company, Design Institutes, Contractors, Suppliers, Area Agents of Iran Petrochemical Department, chargers of under construction projects and agents represent of Sinopec, CNPC, CNOOC in the Middle East, Mr. Hu Zhirong, the chairman of Warom, and Mr. Li Jiang, one of the director of Warom, and more than one hundred delegates attended the meeting. The seminar specially invited the Italian expert from Eurofins who explained the importance of explosion-proof authentication and the application in Europe.

On the base of the acceleration of China economic globalization process and the stable improvement of its own technological level, Warom actively arranges the establishement of Middle0-East market in the past decade by high quality products, high level safety and reliability performance, fully respect local market and user’s requirements and providing comprehensive services for the end users. Therefore, Warom’s products receive recognition and respect from the clients of Middle-East progressively, market share steadily improved and getting a great reputation in the industry.

Iran is an ancient civilized country along the Silk Road with an extremely important strategic location that is near the Caspian Sea in the north and the Persian Gulf in the south, also in the “throat” of the Middle East sea transportation of Strait of Hormuz, located in the converging point of “the Belt and Road Initiatives” and an important strategy fulcrum for China to implement the “the Belt and Road Initiatives”. Recently, China president, Mr. Xi Jinping, visited Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Iran, to promote “the Belt and Road Initiatives” and broaden cooperation. This time, Warom organized and hosted technical seminar in Iran and also attended Abu Dhabi International Oil and Gas Exhibition and Saudi Arabia International Oil and Gas Exhibition. The aim is to dock “the Belt and Road Initiatives” strategic vision and achieve win-win situation through technical seminar to deepen the support to oil and gas market.

In the seminar, the Commercial Counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Iran hoped Warom can share successful experience so as to attract more Chinese companies to root in Iran and deepen the bilateral economic cooperation in the country. Mr. Li Jiang, director of Warom stated: the Middle East is one of the most important markets in Warom international developing strategy; in addition, Iran is bridgehead of the Middle-East market expansion. Looking into the future, we will continually enhance product quality and technical level with down-to-earth approach, strive to create a complete service system and develop the market along “the Belt and Road Initiatives” countries.

Warom succeeds in the “One-Belt and One-Road” initiative

Since June this year, Warom’s International business has risen again, especially with the help of the the Belt and Road initiative, the company continues to deepen the market along the belt and road. In Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Iran, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Russia and other countries, Warom wins orders all over.

Recently, the company successively won the bid from overseas markets such as the Pakistan Project of CAMC, the Kazakhstan Project of NFC, Kazakhstan Refinery Project of CNPC, Saudi Project of China Railway, DODSAL Middle East Project, KOCC Kuwait MGT Project and GS Abu Dhabi Project. From the operating results, the company's international sales exceeded 100 million RMB in the recent three months.

Warom is the leading enterprise of China explosion-proof industry, and the first enterprise in the industry implements "going out" strategy. In the irreversible macro-environment of economic globalization and integration, Warom began international endeavor in 2003. With the most advanced explosion-proof electrical equipment and the best technical services, Warom’s international business made great progress step by step, from the initial export sales of less than 1 million grow into a  300 million RMB overseas sales today, from simple sales of products to establish strategic cooperation with foreign enterprises, from domestic exports to the establishment of foreign trade centers, from products, technology internationalization to international services, from small regional expansion to the Asia-Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, the Americas, Africa and other seven regional more than 30 overseas marketing service centers, Warom actively expands overseas Market share, seizes the commanding heights of international competition.

Mr. Li Jiang, director of the company is confident in the performance of international business, he said, under the strong support and guidance of the government policy, With "The Belt and Road" and " Made in China 2025" strategy began to implement gradually, product flow is also smooth, Warom’s "going out" pace will be accelerated, more opportunities will be brought forward to the company international operations. We have begun to take part in “The Belt and Road” initiative, and actively establish strategic cooperative relations with various countries and regions, and obtain the "China Export Quality and Safety Model Enterprise", a "green card clearance", making Warom a truly system explosion-proof technology service provider with global brand Effect.

Another Great Achievement In The Middle-East Market

Another good news came from Warom Middle-East Market—Warom has been awarded orders valued about 20 million from XX project in Saudi Arabia. Recently, clients from Saudi Arabia came to our company for evaluation. Director Mr. Li Jiang and relevant leaders of the Business Division enthusiastically received the clients. After reviewing the production scale and production process on the site, clients expressed their positive evaluation, and the two parties agreed to establish strategic partnership to strive for more comprehensive communication and cooperation.

As always, Warom has concentrated in product compatibility, technological support and service in the field of explosion-proof electrical equipment, and gained popularity among multiple international clients. All explosion-proof electrical products used in this Saudi project are Warom products. With the attitude of being responsible for the clients, we invited the clients to visit Warom to let the client see with their own eyes the great performance of China manufacturing at site.

The visit of the clients has a profound significance. Saudi clients highly praise the manufacturing technique and product quality of Warom, and this will certainly help further expand overseas market of Warom. Mr. Li expressed that we are quite honored and proud to provide products and service for this Saudi project. For the future cooperation, we will always stick to the principle of integrity and sincerity and provide more advanced technical support and more complete service to meet clients’ requirements and win clients’ satisfaction.

Another news: Recently, Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC) built a long-term cooperation with Warom. Warom smoothly passed the audit of qualified vendor of KNPC and became their official cooperation partner. This is another great breakthrough of Warom during the cultivation of international market. 

Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC) is a well know and large oil company ranking the eighth in the world, mainly engaged in industrial activities of oil refining and liquefied petroleum gas. On September 16th, 2015, relevant managers of KNPC came to Warom for the audit of prequalified vendor, KNPC conducted a comprehensive audit on Quality Management System, Technical Power, Production Capability, Process Control, Product Quality and Commercial Competence of Warom and they expressed their great praise. This successful cooperation between KNPC and Warom indicates that Warom’s product will provide the safety protection for KNPC in explosion-proof field and it has a great significance for the expansion of Middle East market of Warom.  

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