Warom attends the Hannvoer Messer for continuous 13 years


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Hannover Messe in Germany opens on 25th April 2016. Warom Technology Incorporated Company, with its newest research and development, the auto-control system solutions, attended this exhibition which is described as the world's industrial bellwether. Warom Technology Incorporated Company first attend Hanover Messe in 2004, at that time Warom is very conspicuous among the numerous foreign brands. During the past 13 years, the steps of internationalization of Warom, to continue the atmospheric style in Hanover Messe, leaving a good impression, but also the elegance of made in China to participate in international competition, and create benchmark image of the explosion-proof electrical system service provider.

It is reported, the messe brought together more than 5200 enterprises from 75 countries and regions, focus on five aspects of the latest achievements of industrial development such as industrial automation, digital factory, energy, industry supplier, research and technology. There are 700 exhibitors from China, Warom is the only one from Explosion proof electric industry, becoming the focus of many media and visitors. Along with Sino-German industrial 4.0 talks, the enterprises of the two countries start to cooperate in this field gradually. From this exhibition, there are a lot of potential of cooperation in the  field of industrial 4.0 between the two countries. “Made in China 2025” also described as the Chinese version of “Industrial 4.0”, the leaders of the two countries pay importance to industrial cooperation between the two countries in the field, so the German industrial 4.0 with made in China 2025 prospects for cooperation has become one of the highlights of the exhibition. At the day of Expo opening ceremony, Sino-German industrial city, officially announced the formation of alliance, will jointly with China’s Foshan and Zhuzhou and Germany Wuppertal and Aachen, represented by the industrial city of the two countries, to promote effective link with each other, and take full advantage of made in Germany and made in China.

To Warom, the messe is not only the platform to show products and technology but also the opportunity to know about the latest industrial trends, and learn and communicate with global leading enterprises. We will take this opportunity to exploit our own advantages, and to promote the integration of information technology and industrial automation in the production model, forming our own core competitiveness, and leading the new trend of industrial develpment.