WAROM’s new prospect in European market

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The documentary of German and Italian customers visiting WAROM

Recently, German Bartec Group Global Procurement Director Mr. Robert Grosch, Italian Bartec Nuova ASP CEO Mr. Fabio Lattanzio and Bartec China Production Director Mr. Bao Ligang visited WAROM and then the two companies agreed to establish a long terms strategy cooperation relationship. 

Before joining Bartec group, Italian explosion-proof electrical equipments supplier Nuova ASP Company already began cooperation relationship with WAROM company in 2008. Mr. Fabio Lattanzio, the CEO of Bartec Nuova ASP company, are old friends of WAROM Oil&Gas Division Chairman Mr. Li Jiang and Overseas Marketing Director Mr. Shen Chenjun for years, they used to meet some times during international exhibitions. Nuova ASP company joining Bartec group brought with more developing opportunities and wider sales network and then a stable and reliable supply chain would be more important to them, so Mr. Fabio Lattanzio invited Mr. Robert Grosch to visit WAROM company specially in order to enhance the two sides depth cooperation. 

In the morning, related leaders of our company earnestly and warmly received the guests. During meeting, the leader of our company said congratulations to Top Group on joining Bartec Group, believe Nuova ASP would get a great progress on the platform of Bartec Group, and hope Bartec Nuova ASP Company and WAROM Company to get more cooperation in the business. As a reliable partner of Bartec and Nuova ASP, even there was competitor wanted to cooperated with WAROM in order to compete with Bartec business but all rejected by WAROM related persons in charge, because both parties believed only the cooperation between WAROM and Bartec could create great value and fruitful future. 

Later the guests visited production workshop and products testing center. It’s the first time Mr. Robert Grosch came WAROM but Mr. Fabio Lattanzio and Mr. Bao Ligang came here times. Every coming, they always could find the new change and development of WAROM. Just entered Die-cast work shop, Mr. Fabio Lattanzio satisfied with site management and environment and said it had been fully in line with the European advanced level of the factory. During visiting assembly workshop, Mr. Fabio Lattanzio was interested in suspension advertising slogans very much and asked Mr. Bao Ligang for every slogan’s meaning. Mr. Robert Grosch was also in attendance to inquire about our current production and operations.

Through this visit, the two sides had a better understanding of each other's development. Not only for Bartec Group and the Italian Top Group cooperation to create a larger platform, but also for Bartec Nuova ASP Company and WAROM cooperation to build a stable and reliable supply chain. Although the cooperation in different ways, but the goal has always maintained a high degree of consistency - are in the future fierce competition in the market to obtain a solid and healthy development. We believe in the near future, both sides will continue to work together to achieve this beautiful goal!