Warom was granted the “Green Card” for Product Export

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The Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ) granted Warom with “China Export Quality & Safety Demonstration Enterprises”,

“China Export Quality & Safety Demonstration Enterprises” is the highest credit level of commodity quality for export companies, which indicates the development strength and advanced level for Chinese export industries currently and for the future. All the companies involved in the selection, with large scale and in the top list of same industries in China, got through strict evaluation, assessment, and selection. Their products are world famous for advanced technical level, famous trademark and self-owned brand. As the outstanding exporting companies in China, they plays the role of demonstration and guidance. Through strict assessment from Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau (Shanghai Pujiang Branch) and documents review from AQSIQ, all the products from Warom comply with the Standard of Review Condition for China Export Quality & Safety Demonstration Enterprises and meet the requirement for the list. The qualification is awarded as the upgrade for “Free-Inspection for Export”, indicating that the awarded company will enjoy the ten convenient policies including Free-Inspection for import & expor, which will bring easier export environment and more competitive advantage for companies. That means, through this “Green Card”, Warom can further improve the clearance speed, export procedure, and logistics turnover speed for export products. Besides, through creative supervision mode, the resource allocation and operating conformity of quality system will be improved, the supply chain cost will be reduced, and the benefit for export products will be increased. Through this way, further breakthroughs will be realized for sales scale for international marketing.

As the pioneer and pathfinder for Chinese enterprises for explosion-proof electrical apparatus, Warom has always committed to high-quality products that can lead the world and the “Quality-Driven” spirit has been deeply rooted in every person in Warom. Especially during the past decade of international market expansion, our products have reached over 100 countries and districts. Warom trademark has been registered in 59 countries in the world, and the products have qualified for FM/UL for the United States, ATEX for European Union, IECEx for international community, GOST for Russia, and the certificates issue by PTB of Germany and LCIE of France, etc. Meanwhile, Warom boast its own test center, which ensures every product will get through Various strict tests before it delivered to our customers, and the reliability, stability, safety and green and environmental protection of our products have reached the world advanced level. Nowadays, Warom is on the bright way to form international brand and expand global presence through high-quality products, technology and service. The honor of “China Export Quality & Safety Demonstration Enterprises” indicates AQSIQ’s high approval for Warom’s endeavor for continuous improvement and high-quality.

The director of Warom, Mr. Li Jiang, stated that: “The honor for ‘China Export Quality & Safety Demonstration Enterprises’ is a ‘gold medal ’ for product quality of Warom and the approval for quality management for Warom products from AQSIQ. We will continue to give high priority to quality safety and innovation to manufacture more qualified Warom products for the world, to win more respect and trust for Chinese brand, and make outstanding contribution to China Export Quality & Safety Demonstration Enterprises work.