Grinding a sword? for a decade—Warom international business expanding in the Middle-East

On 16th, November, 2016, Warom successfully held the Middle-East technology seminar in Iran which enhanced the brand awareness of Warom explosion-proof products in Middle East market greatly.

Commercial Counselor of the People’s Republic of China Embassy in Iran, Oil Company, Natural Gas Company, Petrochemical Company, Petrochemical Products Distribution Company, Design Institutes, Contractors, Suppliers, Area Agents of Iran Petrochemical Department, chargers of under construction projects and agents represent of Sinopec, CNPC, CNOOC in the Middle East, Mr. Hu Zhirong, the chairman of Warom, and Mr. Li Jiang, one of the director of Warom, and more than one hundred delegates attended the meeting. The seminar specially invited the Italian expert from Eurofins who explained the importance of explosion-proof authentication and the application in Europe.

On the base of the acceleration of China economic globalization process and the stable improvement of its own technological level, Warom actively arranges the establishement of Middle0-East market in the past decade by high quality products, high level safety and reliability performance, fully respect local market and user’s requirements and providing comprehensive services for the end users. Therefore, Warom’s products receive recognition and respect from the clients of Middle-East progressively, market share steadily improved and getting a great reputation in the industry.

Iran is an ancient civilized country along the Silk Road with an extremely important strategic location that is near the Caspian Sea in the north and the Persian Gulf in the south, also in the “throat” of the Middle East sea transportation of Strait of Hormuz, located in the converging point of “the Belt and Road Initiatives” and an important strategy fulcrum for China to implement the “the Belt and Road Initiatives”. Recently, China president, Mr. Xi Jinping, visited Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Iran, to promote “the Belt and Road Initiatives” and broaden cooperation. This time, Warom organized and hosted technical seminar in Iran and also attended Abu Dhabi International Oil and Gas Exhibition and Saudi Arabia International Oil and Gas Exhibition. The aim is to dock “the Belt and Road Initiatives” strategic vision and achieve win-win situation through technical seminar to deepen the support to oil and gas market.

In the seminar, the Commercial Counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Iran hoped Warom can share successful experience so as to attract more Chinese companies to root in Iran and deepen the bilateral economic cooperation in the country. Mr. Li Jiang, director of Warom stated: the Middle East is one of the most important markets in Warom international developing strategy; in addition, Iran is bridgehead of the Middle-East market expansion. Looking into the future, we will continually enhance product quality and technical level with down-to-earth approach, strive to create a complete service system and develop the market along “the Belt and Road Initiatives” countries.