Warom succeeds in the “One-Belt and One-Road” initiative

Since June this year, Warom’s International business has risen again, especially with the help of the the Belt and Road initiative, the company continues to deepen the market along the belt and road. In Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Iran, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Russia and other countries, Warom wins orders all over.

Recently, the company successively won the bid from overseas markets such as the Pakistan Project of CAMC, the Kazakhstan Project of NFC, Kazakhstan Refinery Project of CNPC, Saudi Project of China Railway, DODSAL Middle East Project, KOCC Kuwait MGT Project and GS Abu Dhabi Project. From the operating results, the company's international sales exceeded 100 million RMB in the recent three months.

Warom is the leading enterprise of China explosion-proof industry, and the first enterprise in the industry implements "going out" strategy. In the irreversible macro-environment of economic globalization and integration, Warom began international endeavor in 2003. With the most advanced explosion-proof electrical equipment and the best technical services, Warom’s international business made great progress step by step, from the initial export sales of less than 1 million grow into a  300 million RMB overseas sales today, from simple sales of products to establish strategic cooperation with foreign enterprises, from domestic exports to the establishment of foreign trade centers, from products, technology internationalization to international services, from small regional expansion to the Asia-Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, the Americas, Africa and other seven regional more than 30 overseas marketing service centers, Warom actively expands overseas Market share, seizes the commanding heights of international competition.

Mr. Li Jiang, director of the company is confident in the performance of international business, he said, under the strong support and guidance of the government policy, With "The Belt and Road" and " Made in China 2025" strategy began to implement gradually, product flow is also smooth, Warom’s "going out" pace will be accelerated, more opportunities will be brought forward to the company international operations. We have begun to take part in “The Belt and Road” initiative, and actively establish strategic cooperative relations with various countries and regions, and obtain the "China Export Quality and Safety Model Enterprise", a "green card clearance", making Warom a truly system explosion-proof technology service provider with global brand Effect.