Material performance testing room 1

The laboratory can be used for tensile strength test analysis of metal materials and metal hardness test.The microcomputer hydraulic universal testing machine is provided by Shanghai Xinsansi measuring instrument manufacturing co.,LTD.,a famous manufacturer of tensile testing machine in China,suitable for tensile,compression,bending and shear tests of metals; the largest load reaches 300 kN,the control system adopts high precision sensors,ensure high precision,high reliability,good consistency,good stability,and can automatically correct when test according to the standard calibration,ensure the coaxial degree of the testing machine,microcomputer control the whole test process,dynamic display of real-time load value,displacement and deformation value,the test speed and test curve,automatic data processing analysis,and can automatically save the test data.

Rockwell hardness tester: Rockwell hardness tester is specially used for testing the hardness of metal materials.It can measure the hardness of various metal materials accurately and quickly.