You're the April of the world
UPDATE : 2020/04/20

you are the warm love, 

You are the hope, 

the April of the world!

Walking in the factory

Do you feel the same

"When flowers blow, you know that suddenly warm magpies sound through trees and like a new day"

To the spring equinox, everything is flourishing

Camphor new green, orchid osmanthus dressing, wind drag green bamboo



Hard gardeners

During the outbreak

Take good care of every plant in the factory

The whole plant area is clean, comfortable and comfortable

After we rework

See a cleaner and more beautiful company

Ancient trees cover the path, and flowers are more fragrant

Green moss without trace, leaves with sound

When the wind is clear and elegant

Invite three or two friends to enjoy the breeze and read books

Enjoy the elegant books and beautiful scenery

Let's meet again in spring

The wind blows slowly and the fragrance of flowers is refreshing

In the grass, the white headed people share happiness

Bamboo is covered with emerald, and  parasol tree shading.

Peaches and plums compete for glory, flowers compete for spring

At the same time, WAROM's production and sales have entered a period of comprehensive recovery

Since the beginning of the new year, good news has continued,

On average, 300 orders are received every day,

In the major projects also frequently win the bid!

With a positive attitude and high enthusiasm, all WAROM people

In the face of the challenges that follow,

Welcome the arrival of spring!



Flowers are in bloom, grass is green

We are waiting for you in WAROM’s spring!