BKG(R) Series Explosion-proof Tank Air Conditioners

◆Explosion protection to


◆ Can be used in

Zone 1,2

◆ For explosion-proof wall air conditioner, both cooling-only and cooling & heating products in T1, T2, and T3 are available, to meet different requirements of low, medium and high temperature zones in the world.

◆ Explosion-proof wall air conditioner is based on renowned brand,by taking explosion-proof measures to indoor and outdoor units. Measures to outdoor unit: by taking special technics and control, conduct explosion-proof treatment to internal control units, compressor, outdoor fan motor, protective system, heat-removal system, cooling system, etc.

  • Global (IECEx)

    IECEx (applied for)


    Ex db eb ib [ib Gb] nC IIB T4 Gc

    Ex db eb ib [ib Gb] nC IIC T4 Gc

    Europe (ATEX)

    ATEX (applied for)


     II 3 (2) G Ex db eb ib [ib Gb] nC IIB T4 Gc

     II 3 (2) G Ex db eb ib [ib Gb] nC IIC T4 Gc



    Conformity to standards

    EN; IEC 

  • Cooling input power (W)2780/12.12780/12.14380/7.84380/7.8
    Heating input power (W)2600/11.35000/8.9
    Application areas (m2)27~3227~3250~8050~80
    Sound level (dB)Indoor unit43435252
    Outdoor unit53535656
    Outline dimensions (L x W x H) (mm)Indoor unit1900 x 600 x 2801900 x 600 x 2801900 x 600 x 2801900 x 600 x 280
    Outdoor unit870 x 850 x 319870 x 850 x 3191258 x 970 x 369870 x 850 x 319
    Control box380 x 250 x 165380 x 250 x 165380 x 250 x 165380 x 250 x 165
    Weight (kg)Indoor unit48484848
    Outdoor unit7575119119
    Control box6677

    Note: The above technical data is for normally supplied products of T1 (-7℃~+43℃) temperature class, 

    voltage is 220V AC/50Hz, other voltages are available, such as 220V AC/60Hz, 230V AC/50Hz, 230V AC/60Hz, 240V AC/50Hz,240V AC/60Hz, 380V AC/50Hz, 380V AC/60Hz etc., please specify when ordering. The above data is only for reference, the actual product shall prevail.

  • BKG(R) Series Explosion-proof Tank Air Conditioners  

    (Download here:BKG(R) Series Explosion-proof Tank Air Conditioners.pdf)    


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