HRD502A Strong Working Light

◆ Explosion Protection to 


◆ Can be used in

Zone 1,2,21,22

Class I, Zone 1,2

Division 1, Groups A, B, C, D

◆ Safe and reliable: the product with good explosion-proof performance, can safely and reliably work in various combustible areas.

◆ Efficient and energy-saving: special gas discharging lamp; high luminous efficiency, luminous flux is 5 times of that of halogen lamp with the same power, illumination is 3 times of 100W halogen bulb, service life is 5-10 times of that of normal halogen lamp,

with the same brightness, the power consumption is 15% of that of normal halogen lamp, good anti-shock effect, small heating value, safer and more reliable.  

◆ Waterproof and damage-proof: the light adopts whole-sealing craft, can work normally when in water, special alloy enclosure makes sure the light can resist strong shock and impact. 

◆ Economic and environmental friendly: the memory-free battery can be charged at any time, after charging fully and laid aside for a year, the reserve of electricity is not less than 80% when it is full, for two years, it is not less than 50%, low-voltage discharging protection circuit is set; reliably protect the battery and prolong the service life. 

◆ Convenient and durable: unique lamp cap, lighting angle can be adjusted at random, there are wheels at the bottom, easy to move and work.

◆ Other performances:normally,floodlight is provided;spotlight is on request.


  • Global (IECEx)IECEx CQM 12.0040X
    Gas and dustEx d e IIC T4 Gb
    Europe (ATEX)LCIE 12 ATEX 3081X
    Gas and dust

     II 2 G Ex d e IIC T4 Gb
    CertificatesIECEx; ATEX; CU-TR
    Conformity to standardsEN; IEC 
    Degree of protectionIP65

  • Rated voltage24V
    Rated capacity20Ah
    LampXenon lamp
    Working voltage24V
    Lamp rated power (W)35W
    Luminous flux3200lm
    Average service life3000h
    Continuous working time≥10h
    Charging time≥12h
    Charging voltage100~240V AC 50/60Hz
    Service life of batteryabout 1000 times cycling

  • HRD502A Strong Working Light  

    (Download here:HRD502A Strong Working Light.pdf

    Global (IECEx): IECEx CQM 12.0040X  

    (Download here:IECEx CQM 12.0040X.pdf

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