Warom has become a reliable supplier and cooperative partner to many renowned petrochemical companies.The products are sold to 31 provinces in China and to over 50 countries in the world.They have been widely used in various industries including Oil and Gas,Chemical,Aerospace,Coal, Electric Power,Railway,Metallurgy,Marine,Security,Fire Protection,Irrigation,City Planning,Telecom and Diving Rescue...

Oil And Gas
Other Industries

Petrochemical enterprises use Oil and gas and its products as the raw material,to produce,storage and transport of oil and gas products process will inevitably occur in the explosive mixture or fire dangerous substances,It could easily cause an explosion.So the electrical design of petrochemical have higher requirements for electrical safety compared with common places.Warom can help you safely optimize operations and maximize production while making the most efficient use of your resources.

Warom is equipped with an A grade laboratory accredited by the national authority.All the products are qualified through various electrical,mechanical and environmental tests.In order to meet the requirements of customers,Warom obtained hundreds certificates for all kinds Zones,Classes,Divisions and Groups.Our careful to ensure your safe.