Selection,Installation,lnspection And Maintenance

Overall Electrical Explosion Protection
Selection Of Ex-proof Electrical Equipment
Installation Of Ex-proof Electrical Equipment
Inspection And Maintenance Of Ex-proof Electrical Equipment

The overall electrical explosion protection of systems in explosive hazardous environment
Electrical equipments and circuits in explosive atmospheres have non explosion protection during electrical safety inspection,such as,the main engine is explosion protected,but accessories are not;ome equipments are explosion protected,but instruments are not;some equipments model number is incomplete,all these do not meet the requirements of overall explosion protection.Therefore,the explosion-proof electrical equipments that installed and used in explosive environments,not only related to manufacturing quality of explosion-proof electrical equipment,but also to the comprehensive safety requirements from engineering design,installation,inspection and maintenance and other aspects.

1.The picture below shows the cable wiring of Ex system

2.The picture below shows the steel pipe wiring of Ex system